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The recently launched 41mm submarine is also being upgraded. Let's take a closer look at Rolex's new 2020 submarine, so this submarine obviously got a lot of attention when it was launched. Yes, there is a lot of speculation about the launch of submarines, will we see new blue replica submarines? Looking to discontinue production of the fake Rolex Submariner Hulk, what will happen to the Submariner series? This is what happened with the 41mm Submariner, I mean the AAA Rolex Submariner has been using the 40mm diameter for years.

40mm is a bygone era, yes, we are sitting with a new 41mm submersible, yes, I am very excited about this special review, we have 45mm and 41mm undated photos and we did a careful comparison with its predecessors. We also wear them on the wrist and take a close look at how they actually feel on the wrist, so Alex, let's start with the novelties, these two perfection cloned watches. what is the difference.

What changed To 2020 Submariner

First, it was clearly 41 mm instead of 40 mm. Then we updated the movement, the lugs and crown became thinner. We have a new bracelet, or at least the width of the bracelet has now been reduced from 21 to 17. Yes, instead of the classic Rolex cone, which was reduced from 20 mm to 16 mm for the buckle, compared to the two models Previously, they looked like 40mm submarine of its predecessor. Yes, I mean Marca, if you have an iconic model like a diver, you don't want to go too far to the left and do crazy things, so I really like this trend, I really like the evolution of replica submarines, I think the diver must have had it so long ago. popular.

I really like the new case, if you watched our videos, then we usually say that we are not big fans of the maxi case, the suite is very short and thick, it looks like a square replica watch, more or less a tank, yes, a bold fake watch, they are a little more curved and more elegant looking, yes, Alex is very welcome, so let's talk more about the super clone watches, shall we? A little more than a millimeter, isn't it? Since the overall profile is thinner, yes, the spines are thinner and the crown implants are thinner. For example, the length of the studs is about the same as that of its predecessors. I think the difference is very small, like 0.5mm or something, but in general, when you wear it on your wrist.

I think he is actually better than his predecessors. When I hear them introduce the 41mm subwoofer, I don't think it's impossible, you know, but in fact, you and I feel better. Yet again. Tell me, I really like the proportions. This is what I really don't like. If you look at the buckle, you can see that it is wider. Not sure if it's a millimeter. I mean four millimeters. No, of course, but I mean, he's still very fat, well, I would love to see him. Yes, maybe a little thin, yes, one more button, maybe, yes, that is, in the eyes. The millimeter was added to the width, yes, now there are 21 between us. I mean that 20 is gradually reduced to 16, which is very classic, I I mean it is more or less standard and I think it would be better that way.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116523 Rolesor Black Dial width=500

We take a look at the newly launched 2020 Rolex Divers and check for the latest updates to all of our favorite replica watches. Rolex has increased the size of the case to 41 mm, which allows us to dive right into the water. Everyone here has a brand new Rolex replica Submariner, part number 124060, so if there is any news, I have heard a lot. Well, your question, everything made me take a closer look at this submarine. If it's a new 2020 model or a discontinued model.

Case size increased from 40 mm to 41 mm

If you say this is a 2020 model, you are wrong. If you want to say that this is actually one of the submarines that are now out of production, this is essentially the same fake watch with a difference of one millimeter. You will give this new submarine to do great things. Let's take a look at all of the changes Rolex has made to the latest replica submarine. The most disturbing change is the increased case size compared to 40. After measuring and comparing the two existing models, the new millimeter actually increased by only about 0.5 mm. But if you round to the nearest millimeter, you get 41 mm. The width of the underwater bracelet is increased by 1 mm. In theory, this should make the replica watch stronger on the wrist, but it would make the buckle wider. You also get a large scratch when wearing the knock off watch. As the size of the bracelet and the width of the lugs increase, the disc dive is performed again, allowing the knock off submarine to use it with sailors.

Improving movement

The biggest difference with this sub is the improved movement. Its new 3230 certified movement is based on the 3235 movement, which was first released in 2015 and has a power reserve of around 70 hours, which means you can wear the replica watch. If you take a break on Friday night and return it on Monday morning, it will still work. If this is not the case, Rolex is not a company that will answer calls from the public. In that case, we will all be using blue steel subs and coke baffles. GMTS Rolex. If you listen again, redo the red and the black. gmt, but in this case Rolex seems to have taken note of people's demands and provided us with accurate information about modern submarines in the modern sizes we want, but their lines are old submarines already made by Rolex (Rolex) The pinnacle of diving knock off Rolex new fake watches 2020 , now it's the perfect replica submarine.

The ears are wider in comparison to all other Rolex models. The combination of the outside of the eyelet and increasing the width of the bracelet means that the eyelet itself is reduced by one millimeter on each side, making the cone sharper. The size of the eyelet for the outgoing submarine has been reduced. turned into a dispute between many people. Topics for discussion. Next to the two different models, it's easy to see why the discontinued underwater case was created at a time when Rolex's need for a larger wristwatch was growing. It just improved the look of the case and made the knock off watch more versatile. The appearance of a doll containing the core of the submarine's DNA. The new fake submarine has kept the overall size of the hull unchanged, adding only millimeters here, and reducing millimeters in the hull, resulting in a wrist similar to the previous model, but at least the same. The level of the wrist together with the redesigned crown protection (now thinner by 0.5 mm) creates a smoother underwater hand on the wrist.

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The dial and hands are very similar to the previous ones, there are very subtle differences here and there, and we will achieve this in this respect. So, the most significant change on the dial is the installation of the crown between Switzerland and the maid at 6. This may be the quickest way to find out if you are looking for one of the newer replica submarines.

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But personally, I can't say that I feel the added benefit of mm when I wear it on the wrist, yes, but it's one person's taste, you and I think we are completely different, so Alex is again a brand new Rolex. price - new waiting list oh yes i heard people have inherited their 40mm subwoofer waitlist yes yes 41 but i miss you it doesn't bother me and 40mm is no longer produced but if you don't like 41mm yes I think this may upset you a little, but let's take a closer look at the actual trading of this replica watch. I really believe that when we edit this video and put it online, the price will drop a little because the current market is booming.

And usually, when Rolex launches new models, they have a certain percentage of customers who don't really care about prices, they just want the latest products, yes, you will see the price rise, this is what we are seeing now, let's get a detailed review Actual undated the retail price is approximately $ 8,000 and the date is approximately $ 9,000, depending on where you are in the world, but market conditions make it obsolete. from the replica Rolex Submariner new 41 mm. I just checked and its current retail price is between $ 17 and $ 19,000, like the Daytona, it's crazy. If you like this fake watch but don't have the money, you can buy cheap but high quality replica watches from Perfectreplica.io store.


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