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Today, I will be reviewing the Two-Tone replica Rolex GMT-Master II Root Beer. For many people, non-alcoholic beer is a soft drink - usually in the form of a non-alcoholic beer float served with a delightful ice cream. For the watch aficionado or Rolex collector, the term "Root Beer" implies a completely different interpretation. When it comes to the GMT-Master collection, this is where the real creativity comes in. The GMT-Master (and later the GMT-Master II) with the red and blue border insert was called "Pepsi", the other one with the red and black border insert was called "Coke". And of course, let's not forget the star of today's article - the "Root Beer", which is identified by its black and gold bezel insert. It is also interesting to note that the running theme of these nicknames is based on soft drinks. The following will help you understand the replica Rolex GMT-Master II Root Beer

1675 Rolex GMT Master Mens Automatic

Root Beer

The Rolex GMT-Master II was first presented in 1954. Already conquered the sea with the Submariner. And mountain explorers. It was only a matter of time before Rolex also took over the skies. After all, intercontinental travel by commercial airlines was beginning to take off. (Sorry for the pun). As far as we know, there are already plenty of pilot's replica watches to choose from. But Pan Am needs to equip its pilots with a watch that displays multiple time zones. A fourth hand is introduced on the dial, which points to a 24-hour scale displayed on a rotating bezel. What distinguishes the watch is its two-tone color scheme. Blue and Red. A visual separation between day and night. It's a great looking watch, and I think overall, it's something that they needed in their lineup. I think the GMT-Master II Root Beer is exactly what we need.

Early Models

The first model was the Ref 6542, which had no teeth guard and came with a gum wood bezel. Although in a few short years Rolex changed the wood to aluminum. The reason was that the former was too easy to crack. Pan Am released the replica Rolex GMT-Master II to the crews of long-haul flights, and it soon became the official watch of several other airlines as well. ref 1675 replaced the ref 6542 in 1959. without a doubt, this is the most famous of the vintage GMT-Masters. This was due to its long production run, which ended in 1980. The collection included the solid gold GMT-Master 1675/8. as well as the two tone GMT-Master 1675/3 both introduced in the early 1960s. the 1675/3 was the first GMT-Master to feature a gold role (steel and gold). there were two main variations. A black dial and a black bezel. The other came with a brown dial and a brown bezel. The bezel of the latter will then become two-tone. It is divided into brown and tan/cream.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, when I initially checked out the all-rose version, I wished I had them both, but I really don't. It was just a matter of availability. First I got the rose gold, and then today I was lucky enough to actually use one of these two tones. I'm not sure what the market for them will be yet, as the rose gold is obviously already over retail, but we'll have to wait and see. It's a great looking piece. I wouldn't mind having one in my collection, I mean it's not RM11 rose gold, but... Just kidding. It's a very nice watch. I don't think it's going to be as super high as the ceramic Daytona , but it might be a while before they come out more and more. But for now it's a hot watch. It's a very popular watch in the viewing game because it has two tones in the viewing game. Why? Exclusivity, no one else has them. So you can use one of them to show up in the scene and obviously you will get some looks and definitely start a conversation. So post a comment today on how you feel about the new two-tone replica Rolex GMT-Master II Root Beer, and if you like this video, subscribe to our website

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